Sludge startup in aerobic and anaerobic treatment plants

Modern industrial effluent treatment plants are already being designed with aerobic or anaerobic or mixed systems, which require startups to trigger the formation of biological sludge (biomass).

The startup process must be well-planned and operated, otherwise, it can cause serious problems, such as bad odor, death of the sludge, due to its non-adaptation, which, consequently, will prolong the startup period.

Aerobic systems already in operation can suffer, in certain periods, problems with destabilization and, just as in the startup, this destabilization of the sludge can cause serious and long-lasting problems.

Industries that have these systems or that are in the design and/or installation process are already aware of the use of bioremediation to carry out sludge recovery processes and/or startup of new plants.

We are the specialized company to bring this solution to your company.

Below are the benefits of using bioremediation in this process.

  • Control of bad odors from the beginning of the process
  • No need to transport biological sludge from other plants
  • Less time to complete the startup process
  • Less chance of non-adaptation of the sludge
  • Achieving solids concentration within the expected period or in a shorter period
  • Adequacy of the quality of the treated effluent more quickly, meeting the release parameters
  • For plants already in operation and in case of sludge destabilization (death of all or part of the biomass), accelerated sludge recovery is obtained, not causing significant impacts such as poor quality of the final effluent

Case - Dairy Manufacturer

Dairy manufacturer with a new effluent treatment plant in the startup process of the aerobic stage. Enzilimp solution was applied for a period of 30 days, obtaining the formation of the desired biomass, both in terms of volatile suspended solids and in the diversity of biomass. An excellent sedimentability of the sludge in the secondary settler was also achieved, meeting the parameters required by the environmental agency.

Biomass diversity

Sludge sedimentability

Monitoring of the final effluent organic load parameter

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