There are countless environmental impacts generated by waste arising from industrial processes, which can be solid, gaseous or liquid. When released into water bodies, soil or atmosphere, without prior adequate treatment, these residues cause significant impacts.

The industrial effluent treatment systems existing in the companies are, for the most part, inefficient and undersized. In some cases, they only exist to meet the requirements of environmental agencies, but in practice they do not work as they should, that is, with the objective of not polluting the water bodies onto which these effluents are dumped.

Millenniun has bioremediation solutions for all biological wastewater treatment systems with manifest issues, as well as for those that demonstrate good results and wish to be maintained.

Organic load reduction

With the expansion of production lines, there is a consequent increase in the volume of wastewater (industrial effluents), as well as pollutants.

Sludge Startup

Modern industrial effluent treatment plants are already being designed with aerobic or anaerobic or mixed systems, which require startups to trigger the formation of biological sludge (biomass).

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