Nature friendly biotechnology

Enzilimp is a line of bioremediation products produced by Millenniun Tecnologia Ambiental, a company dedicated to sanitation biotechnology and environmental preservation.

Founded in 2004, Millenniun is one of the pioneers in the recovery of areas contaminated with the use of microorganisms in Brazil. Its activity is developed through the use of solutions – products and services – for the treatment of organic effluents.

A member of the MTA Group, it has a modern infrastructure and a technical team to provide a customized service to customer needs.


Own laboratories:

– Quality control

– Monitoring

– RD&I

National and international operation.

In Brazil, more than 3.5 million people benefit from the treatment of sewage stations with Enzilimp.

Offering innovative solutions in the treatment of effluents and residues, contributing to the environmental recovery and maintenance of ecosystems.


Achieve, by 2026, the status of a reference company in Brazil for the manufacture of biotechnological products for the environmental sanitation of organic wastes.


Provide Service

Continuously seek excellence in service, satisfying customer needs and exceeding their expectations.

Quality and Innovation

Keeping our services and products up to date in the market, always looking for new technological solutions for our customers.

Sustainability and Ethics

Meet the environmental standards with an ethical stance towards society, respecting the environment.

Social Responsibility

Provide employees and collaborators with personal and professional growth, valuing and investing in each one’s potential.

Get to know the MTA Group

Technology, innovation and entrepreneurship: these are the words that define the actions of the MTA Group. Created from Millenniun Tecnologia Ambiental, its portfolio of member companies includes solutions that add value to life and the environment. The group comprises the companies Millenniun Consultoria Ambiental, Majeya Gestão Ambiental and the startup Vital.

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