How we work

Currently, there are numerous biotechnological solutions as well as countless different bioremediation products found in the Brazilian market and even imported solutions.

However, it is not just about marketing a product and simply applying it. Technical knowledge and closer involvement from the product supplier are paramount, as we are dealing with a live source solution that will also be added to a live environment, which can quickly and constantly vary its characteristics.

Therefore, the solution to be proposed needs to be constantly customized, optimized and readjusted. Therefore, a specialized technical team that is constantly involved with our customers is critical to our processes.

Aware of this customer’s need – to have not only a product supplier, but a partner that offers a more complete and collaborative solution – Millenniun has been working to bring this distinguishing feature to the market.

The company has a series of technical services that are directly linked to the sales of its products, resulting in a comprehensive solution at no additional cost.

Diagnostic technical visits

Their purpose is to carry out a prior diagnosis of the place to be treated, with a meeting with the responsible technician in order to know the particularities of the existing problem and collect samples of effluents and sludge for their identification, with environmental analyzes being carried out in our own laboratories.

Periodic monitoring visits (After-sales)

Our biggest commitment is to get the result desired by the customer. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the effectiveness of the action of our solutions through on-site verification, and this is only possible if we are constantly present with our customers. For this reason, after-sales follow-up is a priority for Millenniun.

Collection of effluent samples

Its objective is to analytically characterize the concentration of existing pollutants, as well as the efficiency of each stage of the treatment systems.

Sludge collections and measurements (Bathymetry)

Their goal is to characterize and quantify/measure the sludge existing at the bottom of the stabilization ponds (degree of saturation of the ponds). We have advanced methodology for carrying out the bathymetric analysis of ponds and we consider it extremely important to carry out a precise diagnosis of the sludge for a subsequent proposal for biotechnological treatment.

Bioremediation product application methodology

The application methods of the products are directly linked to the places to be treated. The methodology is customized by our technical team in order to provide the best effectiveness of the products in the places of interest. Depending on the needs of each location, applications are carried out by our own team, such as sewage networks and around stabilization ponds.

Preparation of technical reports

After the diagnostic and monitoring visits and the compilation of the results of the collected samples, technical reports are prepared. These reports are intended to present clients with the diagnosis and evolution of the results of the treatment systems. Also, we always seek to propose engineering/structural improvements to treatment systems, with the aim of further improving the desired results.


Own environmental laboratories

Millenniun has two (physical-chemical and microbiological) laboratories of its own that are equipped to carry out all the necessary environmental analytical parameters for an accurate diagnosis and for after-sales monitoring of customers.

Effluent treatability test

A critical process to complement the routine environmental analyzes for the control of effluent treatment systems, in our laboratories we also carry out effluent treatability tests (or effectiveness tests).

They aim at verifying not only the characteristics of the effluent to be treated, but mainly the best biotechnological solution to be proposed to our customers, guaranteeing success in the treatment of effluents with our Enzilimp solutions.

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