What is Enzilimp?

Enzilimp is a line of bioremediation products comprised of beneficial natural microorganisms, which act on the degradation of organic pollutants in wastewater generated in domestic, sanitary, industrial and water bodies.

What is Enzilimp's action?

The active ingredient in the formulation of Enzilimp is the combined action of a selection of beneficial bacteria of absolutely natural origin, which are normally found in soil and water and are part of the biodegradation process of polluting organic compounds. These bacteria are used in contaminated environments with the purpose of accelerating the degradation process of polluting compounds, transforming them into carbon dioxide, water and innocuous (not harmful to the environment) molecules.

Como funciona o Enzilimp

Why use Enzilimp?

Enzilimp eliminates organic matter residues that pollute the natural environment. Its micro-organisms digest this debris transforming it into water and energy, eliminating the foul odor at the source and keeping harmful insects away.

The proper use of Enzilimp products is an important factor for the well-being and health of the populations involved, having notable effects on the thorough cleaning of homes, condominiums, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, food industries and other similar establishments.

On a large scale, Enzilimp plays a decisive role in basic sanitation in urban areas, treating, with remarkable efficiency, sewage installations, stabilization ponds and industrial effluents.


Enzilimp is offered in 150g and 500g packets and in 3kg, 10kg and 20kg cardboard packages.

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