Communal Facilities

The disposal of large amounts of grease and waste, generated in communal facilities, makes proper sewage management fundamentally important.

The treatment of this waste is a constant concern for administrators, due to the high costs involved in solving any problem, in addition to the discomfort it can cause to users and the possible contamination of environments.

Malls, hotels, clubs, restaurants, schools, condominiums can have their facilities sanitized with bioremediation. As Enzilimp is an absolutely natural combination of beneficial micro-organisms, it is the ideal solution for treating wastewater from communal facilities.

The continued use of Enzilimp thoroughly cleans pipes, grease traps and septic tanks, ensuring a healthy environment and community well-being

Benefits of its application in collective facilities:

  • Restores the systems’ ability to degrade, avoiding the need to perform physical clearance
  • Elimination of bad odor caused by obstruction of pipes
  • Removal of pests such as flies, cockroaches, and rodents, which propagate mainly through drains
  • Extremely low maintenance costs, avoiding the need for specialized labor and the hassle of mechanical debris removal
  • Its regular use reduces the use of many expensive and environmentally aggressive chemicals

Dosage and frequency of application

Communal bathrooms

Apply two scoops (20 grams) of Enzilimp weekly to each toilet and urinal. In sinks and drains, apply the same dosage only when bad odors are present.

Grease traps

In industrial kitchens, restaurants and bars, apply two product doses (20 grams) daily for every 100 meals served/day, distributed in the kitchen sinks. Distribute the previously prepared product solution, proportionally, in the sinks where greasy residues are handled.

Condominiums, buildings and hotels

For the treatment of septic tanks, the application must be made through the toilets. For the first application, use two measures (20 grams) of Enzilimp per apartment, starting with the first floor. Repeat this dosage the following week on the second floor, and so on, on the other floors until the entire building is treated. For maintenance dosage, apply two measures of product per apartment every two weeks, which can be performed throughout the building on the same day. For the treatment of the general grease trap, as well as the individual grease traps, apply two measures of product every two weeks in the kitchen sink of each apartment.





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