Bioaugmentation: multiplying the basis of life

Initially developed in the USA, where rapid industrial expansion and consequent swelling of cities already required some kind of self-sustainable solution, bioaugmentation consists of the use of microorganisms common in nature, selected and cultivated in laboratory, to repopulate the effluents and try to recover contaminated and degraded soils and waters.

With the possibility of a proven safe application of this technique, several institutes and laboratories formed highly capable teams to research, select and test, among the thousands of known microorganisms, the most efficient species for each type of work, taking care to develop strains naturally pure, without any possibility of genetic alterations or contamination by pathogenic organisms.

The microorganisms used in Enzilimp’s formulas are produced by one of these pioneer laboratories, now with 40-years’ experience. And pioneering is a staple in the history of Millenniun: Enzilimp was the second product of its kind nationwide to obtain registration with the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama).

Bioremediation: living sanitation

Nature is perfect: it contains the solution to all problems. But for that it needs to have its laws respected.

Continued abuse, with the daily dumping of tons of debris, requires continuous action, aiming not only at the correction, but also at the prevention of environmental damage.

Biological treatments, based on microorganisms, fully respond to these requirements.

For this reason, they received the name of bioremediation – the live remedy, which reproduces itself to act, always, with the intensity necessary to degrade the volume of existing organic matter.

By returning a clean effluent to nature, bioremediation preserves the quality of watercourses, soils and even groundwater. This is the biotechnology used in the entire Enzilimp product line.

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