Use of microorganisms: back to natural laws.

One day, man learned how to make the bread grow up. And his life took a large step in terms of quality. Then, he tried to ferment grape juice. And he tasted the delight of the wine. There was no scientific explanation, but he was using services of microorganisms that sustain life in the planet.

Millenniums later, with advancement of chemistry, he learned how to fight the microbes that transmitted diseases and plagues, with antibiotics, disinfectants and poisons increasingly more powerful. Biocides inventions that soon evidenced their negative side, with environmental unbalancing, death of water and soil.

On the 60’s, due to the already severe issues with natural environment degrading, scientists focused into another direction, researching, reproducing and increasing the power of the media created by nature itself for its own self-preservation. That’s how the bio-enhancement technique was created – literally “life enhancement” – a new word that translates a new perspective of the world.

Bio-enhancement: multiplying life basis.

Originally developed in the USA, where industrial explosion and resulting inflating of the cities already required some sort of self-sustainable solution, bio-enhancement technique is formed by using microorganisms commonly found in nature, selected and cultivated in laboratory to repopulate effluents and try to recover contaminated and degraded soils and water.

After evidenced the possibility of safely using this technique, several institutes and laboratories formed highly skilled teams to research, select and test, among the thousands of known microorganisms, the most efficient species for each type of work. Caution was taken to develop naturally pure strains, without any possibility of genetic changes or contamination by pathogenic microorganisms.

Microorganisms used in Enzilimp formulations are produced by one of those pioneer laboratories, currently counting with 40 years experience. And the pioneering is repeated in Millenniun’s history: Enzilimp was the second product of its kinds, in the entire country, to attain registration from the Ministries of Health – ANVISA – and Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Bio-remediation: live sanitation.

Nature is perfect: it has, in itself, the solution for all the problems. But, for that, its laws have to be respected. Continued abuse, with pouring of tons of debris every day, also requires continuous action aimed not only at correcting but also preventing environmental damages.
Biologic treatments, microorganisms-based, fully respond to such requirements.

That’s why they have been named as bio-remediation – live remedy which self-reproduces to always act with the intensity required to degrade the existing organic matter volume. Giving back to nature a clean effluent, bio-remediation preserves quality of water courses, soils and even underground water.

That is the bio-technology used in the entire range of Enzilimp products.

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