Sewage Treatment

Bio-remediation of sanitary sewage: the solution that respects nature

Discharge of non-treated sewage, or insufficiently treated, has been polluting natural waters all around the world, further to other damages caused to the environment, configuring an escalating risk to the health of populations.

To stanch that process and gradually revert the situation, modern biotechnology has been creating bio-remediating formulas that, treating sewages by repopulating it with beneficial microorganisms which have the power to digest organic matter of the wastes, help making the environment healthy once more.

Enzilimp is one of the pioneers with this technology in Brazil. Its formulation combines elective bacteria which occur naturally capable of acting in aerobic or anaerobic environments, accelerating nitrogen cycle and changing wastes into compounds harmless to the natural environment.

Enzilimp Action

Enzilimp application effects in ponds will be noticed already on the first week following the application, by the increase of bubbles resulting from carbonic gas release by the microorganisms. After the third week we already notice an important reduction of the supernatants and we can observe substantial reduction of fecal and total coliforms, DBO and DQO. With the increase of the microbial activity, emission of ammoniac and sulfidric gases is reduced, which are the strongest sources of unpleasant smells and the water, intensively dim and dark before, starts to turn into light brown and presents very low dimness.

Most evident benefits from the regular use of EnziLimp:

* Improves DBO levels and other indexes from the final effluent.
* Reduction of sludge and supernatants volume.
* Significant reduction or extinction of bad smell.
* Best efficiency of treatment systems process.
* Reduction or extinction of mechanic and manual extractions.
* Restoring of the flow in the draining and filtration areas.
* Drastic reduction of pathogenic bacteria.
* Important reduction of soil and water bodies contamination.
* Reduction of maintenance costs and enlargement.

Our Technical Department will be at your services, free of charge, to provide you with directions about dosing and other procedures, aiming to find out the most adequate solutions.

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