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Enzilimp cleans on the inside and that is notices on the outside

When you use Enzilimp in your house, you soon notice the results. There is no more bad smell, nor the smell of disinfectant to disguise. All the installations work freely and you find out that real cleaning smells like... nothing! Even the air seems to be cleaner. And the insects disappear... That happens because Enzilimp cleans deeply, extinguishing the remainders of organic matter and waste inside the pipes, boxes and cesspits, excluding fecal coliforms and other pathogenic bacteria, keeping off the risk of contamination.

Your home healthier

  • Enzilimp extinguishes bad smell of toilets and strainers.

  • Avoids clogging.

  • Keeps grease traps and cesspits clean.

  • Avoids insects’ infestation.

  • Sanitizes and deodorizes the areas used by pets.

  • Easy to use and low cost.

  • Harmless to people and animals and good to the environment.

Condominiums, shopping malls, hotels and clubs

Treatment of debris and wastes produced in collective installations have been a reason of frequent concern for syndics and managers due to the high costs involved for solving any problem, further to the discomfort caused to the users and eventual contamination of environments and foods.

Discharge of large quantities of grease and waste, causing clogging and bad smell, besides detergents, disinfectants, bleacher and caustic soda, which paralyze natural biodegrading of the organic matter by extinguishing the microorganisms that play that important role, makes proper sewage management essential in terms of relevance.

Enzilimp, being a totally natural combination of beneficial microorganisms which digest wastes changing them into compounds innocuous to the environment and natural life, is presented as the ideal solution for that issue.
Continuous use of Enzilimp promotes deep sanitation in the piping, grease traps and cesspits, thus assuring a healthy environment and well-being.

Among the advantages of using Enzilimp in collective use installations, we highlight:

  • Ideal functioning of the installations, without any possibility of clogging by organic matter.

  • Extinguishing of bad smell caused by defective sewage.

  • Repelling of plagues, such as flies, cockroaches and rodents, which mainly propagate by the strains.

  • Very low maintenance costs, avoiding the need of specialized labor and the annoying mechanical removal of debris.

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