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Reliability for those who work with food

Keeping proper hygiene in food preparation areas has always been burdensome. Restaurant, cafeterias, pubs, industrial kitchens, bakeries owners can testify about it...

But, that condition can be changed. Deeply cleaning the most problematic areas, microorganisms digest all the organic matter in strains, pipes, grease traps and cesspits. Enzilimp extinguishes the recurrent problems that torment the professionals of the sector such as clogging and bad smell, also avoiding infestation by insects and rodents.

That is the cleaning which is not satisfied with bright surfaces and reaches the bottom, attacking the root of the problems. Assuring the true health of the kitchen.

Enzilimp in the kitchen

  • It ends up bad smell of the strains, without leaving disinfectant smell.

  • Avoids clogging: the more you use it, the more your installations shall work as brand new.

  • It waives manual or mechanical cleaning of the grease traps, keeping them continuously clean and free from obstructions.

  • Avoid infestation of insects and rodents, which do not find anything to eat.

  • It is economic in all senses: spares lots of labor, waives the use of disinfectants and other expensive products and has low cost.

  • Harmless to humans and animals and good for the environment

Use Enzilimp also in the bathrooms, avoiding bad smell, clogging and the harm of contamination by fecal coliforms and other harmful bacteria in your premises.

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