Startup and sludge recovery in aerobic treatment plants

Modern sewage treatment plants are already being designed with aerobic systems, which require startups to foster the formation of aerobic biological sludge.

The startup process must be well-planned and operated, otherwise, it can cause serious problems, such as bad odor, death of the sludge, due to its non-adaptation, which, consequently, will prolong the startup period.

Aerobic systems already in operation can suffer, in certain periods, problems with destabilization and, just as in the startup, this destabilization of the sludge can cause serious and long-lasting problems.

Utility companies that have aerobic systems or that are in the process of designing and/or installing this type of system are already aware of the use of bioremediation to carry out sludge recovery and/or startup processes in new plants.

We are the specialized company to operate this solution.

Below are the benefits of using bioremediation in this process.

  • Control of bad odors from the beginning of the process
  • No need to transport biological sludge from other plants
  • Less time to complete the startup process
  • Less probability of sludge non-adaptation
  • Achieving solids concentration within the expected period or in a shorter period
  • Adaptation of the quality of treated sewage more quickly, meeting the release parameters
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