Parameter adaptation

Undersized treatment systems and/or those with operational problems may not reduce the necessary concentration of organic load, compromising the quality of the sewage to be disposed of. We have the solution to reduce the organic load in sewage in all types of biological treatment systems, without the need to invest in expansion and/or optimization of existing systems.

See the benefits of this solution.

  • Reduction of BOD, COD, oils and greases
  • Reduction of bad odors
  • Reduction of suspended and sedimented supernatant solids
  • Increased treatability capacity of treatment systems
  • Improved quality of sewage to be disposed of in the receiving body

Case - Supernatant Solids Reduction

Public Utility Company

Anaerobic lagoon of a sewage treatment plant with accumulation of supernatant solids and, consequently, a bad odor problem affecting the surrounding population.

The application of Enzilimp solution for 60 days, daily, controlled the bad odor around the treatment plant and reduced the accumulation of noticeable supernatant solids, also avoiding the need for routine manual operation to remove them, as shown in the photos below.



Private Utility Company

Receiving pond for truck effluents. Pit with accumulation of supernatants, bad odor and overflow to the other ponds of the treatment system, overloading them.

Daily application of Enzilimp solution, bringing benefits such as: reduction of supernatant solids, control of bad odors and reduction of overload to other ponds.



Demonstration of the result of the application

  •  Adaptation of parameters, EnzilimpSanitary sewage treatment system, consisting of an anaerobic lagoon and two facultative ponds, showing low treatability efficiency, with final effluent reaching a COD value of 780 mg/L, a result above that allowed for discharge into receiving water bodies.
  • Application of the Enzilimp solution for 120 days at the entrance of the first lagoon, obtaining a final effluent COD result of 190 mg/L, a reduction in organic load of 76%.
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