Maintenance of sewage networks

Sewage treatment utility companies are also responsible for maintaining the networks that collect and distribute sewage to treatment systems.

Due to the large accumulation of waste, mainly fat generated by commercial food establishments in cities, these networks end up becoming saturated and overflowing, causing a great inconvenience to the population and utility companies.

The search for a biotechnological solution by companies for the maintenance of networks has become constant. Millenniun was a pioneer in this type of solution, currently serving numerous Brazilian cities, contributing to the unblocking and maintenance of sewage networks.

Below are the benefits of using bioremediation in this process.

  • Prevents sewage overflow from pipes to sidewalks and streets
  • Keeps pipes clean and free of grease
  • Reduces calls for mechanical interventions performed by utility companies
  • Reduces user complaints (population)

Case - Inspection well with obstructed sewage flow

The two inspection wells (IWs) shown below are from a sewer network of a major tourist and gastronomic city. They are operating clogged (drowned) due to the large accumulation of fat in the network.

The Enzilimp solution is applied to these IWs weekly.

In just three months of application, the sites were completely unclogged. With the continuity of treatment, these results were maintained, with no need for mechanical clearance and avoiding overflowing of sites.





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