Cleaning of public areas

There are many public events that move a large flow of people in Brazilian urban centers. Carnival, concerts, conferences, commercial, cultural and food fairs, construction sites, parks and public places, such as viaducts and staircases, are spaces that are transformed into large waste generators.

In all these places, there is also sanitary waste, often made in the open. Even when in so-called appropriate places, such as portable toilets, they generate a sanitary liability that needs to be treated.

Millenniun is also a pioneer in the development of a biotechnological solution for this problem of a public nature. Since 2010, it has been the biotechnology company responsible for treating the public areas where audiences in the cities of Olinda and Recife (PE) pass during Carnival, as well as the Rio+20 Conference.

Benefits achieved:

  • Control of bad odors on surfaces contemplated with the application of the product for a prolonged period, unlike conventional chemical products, which have only momentary and transient action.
  • Reduction in the use of chemical products, which, in addition to having their origin in non-renewable sources, can cause problems in the treatment systems that receive this effluent with a high chemical load.
  • Reduced operating costs, as it is not necessary to reapply the product in short periods of time.
  • Application of environmentally responsible technology, without impacting the environment and the people who use these places.

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Cleaning of public areas

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