Odor control with Enzilimp Pet

Biotechnological product that acts on the degradation of organic waste and the control of bad odors. It is a natural, 100% organic, non-toxic, non-corrosive product, non-irritating to animals and handlers. It does not contain chemical substances such as chlorine or fragrances. Exclusively indicated for application on surfaces that contain organic matter from domestic animal waste.

Pet, Biorremediador Enzilimp
Pet, Biorremediador Enzilimp



Mix 10 grams of Enzilimp Pet in a liter of water at room temperature. Leave it to rest for half an hour, stirring occasionally. If the surface cannot receive bran, strain through a sieve or filter to remove it. After that, the mixture can be used.

The strained/filtered bran can be applied in drains or in the toilet, helping in the degradation of sanitary waste. Do not store the mixture for more than an hour before application.

Application instructions:

The Enzilimp Pet solution with water can be applied by spraying/watering the place with the odor or washing it with a cloth, letting it dry naturally.


The frequency of application depends on the organic load present at the site. Thus, it is recommended that applications are performed daily or whenever there is bad odor.

Subsequently, a longer time interval between applications can be used, defining the best frequency of application based on the place of use.


Product yield may vary depending on the type of floor and the amount of product applied to the surface. Generally, on smooth floors, it is recommended to apply one liter of the solution for every 10 square meters.


It is necessary to perform a previous cleaning of the place, removing solid residues and excess liquid, only with water and, later, apply the product over the place. It is recommended that the way of applying the Enzilimp Pet solution is done in the same way as you are used to performing your routine cleaning. The product formulation does not have any chemical component capable of causing problems on your floor; however, it is advisable to follow the coating manufacturer’s guidelines, thus avoiding damaging the floor, as some types of coating are incompatible with excess water or moisture.

Enzilimp Pet can be used on any type of surface, including gardens, lawns and places containing soil. The product does not harm the plants and does not contaminate the soil. It is recommended to avoid the use of bactericidal chemicals in excess or right after application of the product. These chemicals can reduce or eliminate bacteria from Enzilimp Pet, and as a result the product’s efficiency will be reduced.



Use the same dosage and activation form for using Enzilimp Pet on floors and surfaces, that is, 10 grams of the product in a liter of water, waiting 30 minutes for the product to be applied.

Application instructions

In the case of rugs and fabrics, you can perform a previous cleaning of the area, using only water and then leave the material to soak in the solution with the product, for approximately 30 minutes, leaving it to dry naturally in the shade, or spray the area with the solution of Enzilimp Pet and let it dry naturally.


The product does not have components in its formulation capable of causing stains, however, depending on the type of fabric, the use of water for cleaning can cause them. Therefore, we recommend carrying out a previous test in a part of the place to be sanitized, to avoid this possibility. It is recommended to avoid the use of bactericidal chemical products right after application of the product.


It is also possible to mix dry Enzilimp Pet directly in the litter box, as when the animals urinate on the spot, the bacteria will be activated and work on that residue, reducing bad odor.

Dosage and method of application

Mix 20 grams of the product for every three kilos of sand.


It is recommended to replace Enzilimp Pet when this sand is changed or whenever you notice bad odor in the area.